VanEats is 6 years old!

Happy 6th birthday VanEats! Yup, it was June 10, 2000 when this site was launched.

Thousands of blog posts, lots of great discussion with the VanEats community, hundreds of recipes and even a few restaurant reviews. Thanks to all who have read the site, and contributed to the discussion.


Feeding Junior: Adventures in Whining and Dining

People have been asking us what it's like to raise a child from a food perspective. It's a culinary adventure all to itself and so far it's been a pretty positive one. Here's my account on raising a foodie.


World Cup 2006 Noshing at Mexico Taco Rico and Case Verde

Many, many Vancouver restaurants and bars are opening early (9a.m. or earlier since the matches typically start at 18:00 German time) so that people can watch a World Cup 2006 match and eat at the same time.


Eat Vancouver 2006 Part 2 - Anne Garber on the Canadian Food Museum [VIDEO]


Anne emails in with the actual info:


Eat Vancouver starts today

I'll be at Eat Vancouver for a media event before it opens today at 2p.m. More later!


Chow Times - another great Vancouver food blog

The Chow Times (RSS feed is here if you wish to subscribe) is another great Vancouver food blog. It covers a lot of the suburbs which is fab since Barb and I don't have the time to go to Burnaby, Richmond, etc. to cover their burgeoning food scene.


Industrial Brand's Food Blog

[UPDATE] Mark Busse of Industrial Brand Creative pointed out in an email that the actual name of the blog is actually In the Kitchen, not "Industrial Brand's Food Blog"! Apologies for the inaccurate naming!


Janice Cake Shop in Richmond - Delicious Black Sesame Swiss Roll

Black Sesame Swiss Roll from Janice Cake Shop - Roland in Vancouver 1949

Barb and I really enjoyed the Black Sesame Swiss Roll ($5.50) that we picked up today at the Cantonese bakery, Janice Cake Shop (1106-8328 Capstan Way, Richmond, 60



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