[VIDEO] Take 5 Cafe - Pete, Manager of 429 Granville, the original

Pete and I discussed (recorded April 10, 2006, 15 minutes 33 seconds MP4 file):

  • How the 429 Granville Location is Bryght's 3rd place or "2nd office". Thanks to the great WiFi and electrical outlets that Alex Collins of Handprint Systems designed as well as the warm and cozy space and friendly Take 5 staff.
  • How unlike some cafes in Vancouver and San Francisco, Take 5 has never had any problem with "Happy Hackers" (my term for us laptop bearing folks) overstaying our welcome. Perhaps due to this Take 5's unique location and mixture of clientele (the aforementioned laptop happy hackers, stock brokers and ESL students)
  • The new Take 5 Central kitchen (and cafe) scheduled to open on May 1st at Clark and Venables
  • Take 5's plan for a Breakfast club similar to the "Soy Luck Club" mentioned by Seth Godin (i.e. for about $40 a month, get unlimited coffees and breakfast stuff for certain hours duriing the morning say 6-9a.m.) and how this could be a great way for unintended/serendiptous networking between the happy hackers and the stock brokers and the ESL people and normal people

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