Farmed & Dangerous: A Wild Salmon Dinner @ Aurora

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I'll be there on Monday! And I will give a full report here.

From Farmed & Dangerous: A Wild Salmon Dinner @ Aurora.:



Coffee Geek lauds Prado Cafe's espresso but not its service

I'm willing to risk snobby service to get great espresso! I guess you have to be famous in coffee circles like Mark Prince (senior editor of coffee geek) to get permission to post photos since neither Arieanna nor I could get permission to post pictures. What's up with that?


Jetzt ist Spargelzeit

I miss German white asparagus! Anybody know of where we can get fresh white asparagus in Vancouver? Should be possible to grow it here!

From Andrea's Weblog: Saturday, May 7, 2005.:



Annual Slow Food Spring Potluck

Last Tuesday evening the Vancouver Slow Food convivium held its annual spring potluck.  Its theme being dishes that celebrate spring.  I am usually fond of potlucks but was extra excited about attending this one...foodies cooking up the best of the season.

We dined on a array of delicious dishes ranging from an "edamole" and homemade flax seed crackers to a southern style gumbo of seasonal mixed greens and ham to a refreshing rhubarb cream roulade.


Some of Barb's faves from yesterday's Slow Food Vancouver Potluck

Here are some of Barb's favourites from yesterday's Slow Food Vancouver Potluck (remember that non-members are always encouraged to come but for potlucks are on a waiting list after members and that most events except for restaurant events are inexpensive or freeremember all events are free and non-members are welcome!). More on this later from Barb!

Roasted Asparagus Salad:


Vietworldkitchen.com -- all it's missing is an RSS feed

The only thing missing from the incredibly useful Vietworldkitchen.com site (that I learned about via Andrea) is an RSS feed. I love Vietnamese food and hope to go to Vietnam for cooking school someday! Needless to say, I am really looking forward to the cookbook currently being written by the person behind Viet World Kitchen that's coming out in 2006.


Dan is also still closed

Dan will be back - Please come back soon!

Dan, as well as Moderne is still closed. Come back soon!


Baking Low Fat - Another fun Arieanna and Ianiv food blog

Another cool food related blog from Ianiv and Arieanna: Baking Low Fat (RSS). Lots of yummy recipes.

From Baking Low Fat | Baking Low Fat.:


Eating healthy does not mean cutting out desserts and yummy baked goods, it just means knowing how to make and modify your recipes to cut out the fat.


Eat! Vancouver 2005 Day 1 Wrapup

Eat! Vancouver 2005 - Heather A. one of the leaders of the organizing team - photo by Kris Krug

Hats off to Heather and the rest of the crew. Thanks to all of our podcast interviewees and those who helped us podcast at Eat! Vancouver 2005!



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