David and Ed review Barb and Roland's menu

Awesome! But what a long wait for the desserts!!! Ed wants nametags for the food items. "Mmm, that Fred was really good, but Justine could have used a bit more spice..." said Ed. "I know, but you should try Charlie, I went overboard with the chili peppers," responded Roland.


VanEats Launch Party Menu

We launched on June 11. To celebrate we're having a party tomorrow! Here's a sneak preview of the menu:
Spicy cashews
Spicy marinated green olives
Crazy cracker sticks
Cheddar fricos
Gruyere fricos
Crudites with peppercorn dip
Cheese platter featuring cheeses from Salt Spring Island
Sundried tomato spread
Hot crab dip
Proscuitto bites



It's almost summer! Time to get your rhubarb before summer really hits as Barb points out in her story Rhubarb Hoarding.



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