Lo Mein (Tossed Noodles)

We all have memories of comfort foods from our childhood. While other kids in our neighbourhood were chowing down on Kraft dinner, my folks were serving up lo mein.

Lo mein basically means "tossed noodles". My parents would always use oyster sauce, green onion, ginger, sesame oil and oil that was previously heated or cooked. (They would also add a bit of msg which I omit!). I clearly remember having our plates lined up along the kitchen counter with different proportions of condiments to suit each family member's taste (I would want lots of oyster sauce and sesame oil and very little ginger and green onion).

When I make this dish, I will often add a spoonful of leftover sauce from soy chicken and hot chili oil. I also like to add whatever leftover cooked meat is in the fridge. My recipe doesn't give strict proportions; it's more of a touch and taste kind of dish. Much like many of our favourite comfort foods.