Turkey Credits

This Thanksgiving a few friends made roast turkey using our recipe. They all got rave reviews from family and friends and I got a lot of thanks for posting the recipe.

Actually, full credits go to my mum, Betty, for coming up with the recipe!! She devised the high heat, moist method that ensures a juicy turkey in half the usual time. So thanks for the turkey, Mum, and thanks for your great cooking, culinary ideas and all your other recipes!



Why do you put a spoon in the cavity? Melanie

No problem! Food and recipes are meant to be shared. Glad you enjoyed it!!

Ever since Barb gave me this recipe few years ago, this is the only way that I roast my turkeys and chickens. Besides saving me a great lot of time and energy (physical and hydro), I always received a lot of praises from my guests. This year, my friends who are not big fans of turkey told me that it was the best turkey they've ever had and they had many rounds of it. It's so great and rewarding when people I entertain enjoys what I cook. Thanks again Barb...and aunty Betty for sharing their cooking secrets.

the spoon in the cavity is ONLY used for flipping the turkey Please remove it after you have flipped the turkey; it's not used for cooking the turkey. Hope that helps! ...Roland