A photo of Barb's twice baked almond croissants

Next up in our series of recently downloaded photos is a photo of the twice baked almond croissants that Barb made on April 8th.

Barb's twice baked almond croissants: A photo of twice baked almond almond croissants


A photo of Barb's Kimchi Soup

Here's a picture of Barb's Kimchi Soup as featured back in March.

Barb's Kimchi Soup: A photo of Barb's kimchi soup.  Spicy and good!


A Photo of Barb's Jap Chae

I finally downloaded all the photos from my digital camera tonight and discovered this photo of Barb's Jap Chae from way back in February!

Barb's Jap Chae: Here's a photo of Barb's delicious take on a classic Korean dish, Jap Chae.


Ham and Mushroom Strata

This is the main course that we served for brunch last Sunday. This strata is a great make ahead dish that requires very little time to prepare, looks impressive and tastes great!

You can use different combinations of meat, cooked vegetables and cheese in this dish or omit the meat entirely. I like this with sauteed onion, red peppers, mushrooms, leftover chicken and smoked gouda.


ChinaVista's Recipe Corner

Al (thanks!) found ChinaVista's Recipe Corner. It's an interesting collection of Chinese recipes arranged by region. The range of the recipes show the depth and breadth of Chinese cuisine: from the Anhui dishes to the Zhejiang dishes.


Twice Baked Almond Croissants

For our Sing-A-Long Sound of Music brunch, I made twice-baked almond croissants, as published in a recent issue of Gourmet magazine. Although the original featured article showed how to make croissants from scratch (who's got the time?!), the article also suggests making these from store bought croissants.


Tree's Balsamic Vinegrette

Teresa made this quick and easy balsamic vinegrette at Whistler! No need to buy expensive pre-made salad dressings with lots of preservatives when a home made one is so quick and easy!


Tree's Penne a la vodka

At Whistler last week, Teresa cooked this awesome penne recipe. A perfect meal for skiers and snowboarders: cheap, easy to make, delicious and full of carbs!


Hot Cross Buns

My Grandma Chung started a family tradition of eating hot cross buns on Good Friday. So every year I bake dozens of hot cross buns (my family and co-workers expect them!) using a recipe that I adapted from the Vancouver Sun years ago.

Be sure to slash a cross on the buns before you bake them!


Tuscan White Bean Soup

Planning our trip to Tuscany has got me thinking about typical Tuscan flavours. This white bean soup is a quick fix for a tasty Tuscan inspired meal. It's quick and easy, and you might even have all the ingredients on hand already. If only our trip to Tuscany could happen this quickly!



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