The Future of Food Opens Thurs. Dec. 1st

[ROLAND'S NOTES: looks like an interesting movie to check out. Anybody seen it yet?]


One of 2005s must-see documentaries. - San Francisco Chronicle

Opens December 1st Fifth Avenue Cinemas, 2110 Burrard Street

Opening night - a special fundraiser for The Coalition for a GE Free BC

7 out of 10 processed foods on Canadian grocery store shelves contain GE [Genetically Engineered] ingredients, from corn, to soy to canola.


Libby's has a website!

One of our EastVan favs, Libby's, finally has a website. Check them out at for info about their yummy food and art openings like the one tomorrow from 2-4p.m. with Lucie Walker!

1st Visit - Josephine's Restaurant

Josephine Filipino Food 23Nov051

I did it! My mom's in town, so I decided to take her to Josephine's Restaurant (2650 Main Street near East 10th, 604 876-8785). And I was pleasantly surprised!

Sneak peek of Barb's new food venture TODAY at The Crave party at the Roundhouse

Say hi to Barb and our friends at Milk Factory if you go to the Crave Party today at the Roundhouse from 5-9p.m. And check out Barb's yummy stuff!

From Barb and Roland's Journal :: Crave Holiday Shopping Party.:



Tempo Doeloe in Amsterdam

I recently spent some time on business in Amsterdam and enjoyed the Indonesian food at Tempo Doeloe (Utrechtsestraat 75 1017 VJ Amsterdam, telephone: 020-625 67 18, reservations REQUIRED, very small restaurant and you have to ring a bell to get in!).

My favourite breakfast and brunch = Dim Sum or Congee

The places mentioned in this piece are great (read the whole thing at TasteOf604 to find out where!), but my favourite breakfast or brunch is either dim sum (e.g. at Spicy Court or Sun Sui Wah) or congee at a place like The Boss in Chinatown. What's yours?

First SPUD Delivery

Since the East Van Farmers Market ended, we've been thinking about signing up with SPUD to have organic produce delivered. I've been finding it just too easy to pick up conventional produce rather than going out of my way to buy organic. I finally got around to signing up and ordering and today we received our first order. I'm throroughly impressed!


Sciue's Pasta e Fagioli Soup is amazing

Yummy bean and noodle soup at Sciue

Sciue's (110-800 Pender at Howe) Pasta e Fagioli Soup is amazing; lots of flavour (in particular umami!), and depth. More later on this promising 3 week old restauant!

Heather and Andrew's Boboti

Progressive Dinner 04Nov05 - 2

Check out Heather and Andrew's Boboti from our progressive dinner last Friday!


Java Jazz is a "real" restaurant and serves Filipino food but it's in New West

In response to my plea for "real" (with table service) Filipino restaurants, SaabKen once more points out Java Jazz. Sorry, it sounds great but it's in New West and not Vancouver and I don't get out there very often. If anybody else, has a suggestion, please leave a comment!


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