First SPUD Delivery

Since the East Van Farmers Market ended, we've been thinking about signing up with SPUD to have organic produce delivered. I've been finding it just too easy to pick up conventional produce rather than going out of my way to buy organic. I finally got around to signing up and ordering and today we received our first order. I'm throroughly impressed!

We decided to go for a $35 bi-weekly delivery and went for the "lucky dip" Harvest Box where they decide what goes into your box based on availability, your price range and your preferences. A week before the delivery I was able to see what we were going to get and make substitutions and order other things.

When the box arrived it was a bit like Christmas...I was delighted by the amount of produce we got and by the quality. Junior was excited about helping me unload the box and we made the whole experience educational with counting, identifying the fruits and veggies and the different colours. He was even enticed by a bartlett pear which he devoured as part of his dinner. Hmm...this could be a great way to get kids more interested in eating their fruits and veggies.