Chicken and Eggs in Miso Sauce

3 Tbsp. miso
2 Tbsp. sake
2 Tbsp. mirin
1 Tbsp. sugar
1 cup water

1 lb. chicken pieces
1 Tbsp. oil
4 eggs, hardcooked and peeled
2 or 3 handfuls of bok choy, spinach or other greens

In a medium bowl, combine all sauce ingredients.
In a skillet, brown chicken pieces in oil. Add sauce and eggs and simmer for 30 minutes.
Add greens and continue to simmer until greens are done.

Makes 4 servings

Shiru-Bay Chopstick Cafe - First Visit

In Vancouver, we are truly blessed with Japanese tapa and Izakaya style restaurants. If you want quiet, intimate and fusion, go to Umami. If you want down home, cheap, cheerful, noisy and full of Japanese, go to Guu on Thurlow, our first Izakaya love. If you want upscale Guu, go to Hapa Izakaya.

Shiru-Bay - delicious meal tonight

Shiru-Bay Chopstick Cafe 24sep2005 - 6

Barb and I had an excellent meal at Shiru-Bay (1193 Hamilton Street, 604 408-9315) tonight. The beef carpaccio in the photo above (with truffle oil) for $10.80 was our favourite, but we loved most everything. More tomorrow!

Milan's tomatoes + Oyama Bacon + Terra Breads = Heaven

Ah harvest time! Just thought I'd mention that heavenly equation. Still time to get some of Milan's tomatoes (say at one of the last remaining farmers markets) and the bacon at Oyama (flavourful and not overly fatty!) is always available as are Terra Breads' fabulous loaves!

Speaking on blogs and RSS at Vancouver Web 2.0 on Thursday at 6:30p.m. at ActiveState

If you want to know more about blogs like VanEats, RSS and why they matter and how they can help in a non technical high level style, I'd love to see you at our first Vancouver Web 2.0 forum event (it's FREE!) where I will be speaking on Remixing RSS. It's Thursday September 22, 2005 at ActiveState on Granville. Doors open from 6:30p.m. to 7pm. and the event is on until 8p.m. Love to see you there! For more info check out the event listing over on the Van 2 website.


Taste of the City 2005 - Salmon from Wild Rice

CityTv Taste of the City 2005 - 1

Barb (her favourite was the salmon from Wild Rice pictured above) and I briefly attended Taste of the City 2005 today with the kid at about 3p.m. today.


VanVeg - a new website for Vancouver Vegetarians

Welcome! Look forward to lots of recipes and restaurant listings (and hopefully some reviews).

From Welcome Vancouver Vegetarians! | Vegetarian Community - Vegetarian Resource - Vegetarian Events.:


As this page is brand new, hot off the keyboard, we are still shaping it up and moulding it into the great website we know it can be.


CityTV's 3rd Annual Taste of the City - This Saturday

[Cross posted from Urban Vancouver. See you there!]

From the Press release:


Feast of Fields 2005 - Podcast with Boris and Barb

[Cross posted from Dogma Radio]

From Feast of Fields 2005 at Vista D'oro in Langley, Barb, Boris and I discuss this year's food and wine at Feast of Fields.



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