Java Jazz website is actually at

UPDATE: Marcus is NOT from Java Jazz. My apologies for saying he was!

Happy New Year All!

Got a nice email from Marcus from Java Jazz. Their website has moved to I really like their Filipino Food FAQ which is a very short but sweet intro to  Filipino food. Check it out!

TasteOf604 Founders: Gen Chang and Tom Ng

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In this VanEats radio segment, I spoke with two of the founders of TasteOf604, Gen Chang and Tom Ng about their vision of an inclusive Vancouver food community.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Wow 2005 is almost over. It's been 5 and a half years of VanEats. Coming in 2006, a change to a new platform and more podcasting and videoblogging!


Stollen from Andy's Bakery - Delicious!

Stollen from Andy's Bakery

Today, we tried the large stollen ($12.95) from Andy's Bakery (935 Commercial, 604 251-5657) . Moist and flavourful. Mmmmm highly recommended!


Deep fried fish skin is yummy like chicharon

Growing up I was a big fan of the tasty but not healthy chicharon (deep fried pork rind aka Filipino style crackling) which the Filipinos must have got from Spain somehow. Since meeting Barb, I've learned the delights of deep fried fish skin which I first sampled at Chinese fondue at Grand Honour Hot Pot. Mmmmm. Winter food that's crispy and good and best enjoyed once a year to preserve your health and make it something special!


It's winter, thank goodness for SPUD!

Beet Avocado Orange Salad

Summer may be over, but with SPUD we still get excellent stuff. Last month, Barb threw together the above tasty salad from one of our SPUD deliveries. Not as great as the stuff we get from the East Van Farmers market, but pretty darn close!


Last of Milan's tomatoes

Last of Tomatoes from Milan

Summer is truly over for me when all of our preserved yummy things like Barb's ragu from Milan's tomatoes are all gone!


YLFMS Winter Market

The YLFMS Winter Market is this weekend, December 10 and 11 at the Heritage Hall on Main at 15th Avenue. The market will feature a bevy of local artisans as well as some of the food related vendors that are at the outdoor market. The vendors will be different on each of the days, so it'll be fun to check the market out on both days.

Divina Cucina has a blog!

I just remembered that Judy Witts, the Diva behind Divina Cucina, blogs at Divina Cucina's "Over a Tuscan Stove".

It's lovely to catch up with what the Diva's up to and the site has some great recipes and gorgeous food p*rn. Check out these steaks!

Makes me yearn to be back in Italy and would love to spend time with the Diva again....



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