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VanEats on Living Vancouver

After a hectic week home from the holidays, today was my first chance to plug into Living Vancouver. I caught the Living to Eat segment and low and behold there's a link to VanEats' Baking Recipes! It's great for the show to support a local blog!

For more dessert recipes, also check out our Dessert Recipes section.


Apologies for the spam on the discussion group

I am in the process of deleting the spam on the discussion group. My apologies. It should be deleted in a couple of days and I have taken steps to ensure it won't happen again.


VanEats TNG - Maps!!

I would also like to add maps:

  • maps of restaurants we have reviewed
  • maps of places to buy food related products
  • and more!

Keep the ideas coming to feedback AT or leave a comment!


VanEats the next generation - Need your ideas

We're currently planning the next generation of VanEats.

Here's some ideas we have:

  1. Free food blogs for everybody who wants one
  2. A way to submit recipes who for those who don't want to blog it
  3. A way to submit restaurant reviews for those who don't want to blog it
  4. A way for restaurants to submit daily specials
  5. More audio
  6. More video
  7. A spiffy new look and feel (ideas and concepts and help for this appreciated!)

Please leave a comment or email feedback AT with your ideas!


Away until October 25th

I am away until October 25. Hopefully Barb will be able to post some updates while I am gone!


On vacation until July 11th

Regular postings will resume July 11th. Belated happy Canada Day all!


VanEats is 5 years old!

We missed our 5 year anniversary last week! VanEats started on June 10, 2000 and is now over 5 years old. Over 200 recipes, 1500+ posts, and definitely the longest running food blog in Vancouver if not Canada!


Disabled anonymous comments due to comment spam

Sorry! This means you will have to register (it's free and spam-free) to leave comments or click on the email icon to send an email with your comments. Hopefully UserLand or Weblogger will fix this soon (the fact that you even if you disable anonymous comments for a post, people can still leave comments).


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

From Barb and myself, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and Happy Holidays! If you prefer audio, here's my audio Merry Christmas (very small MP3 file).

Speaking of audio, I hope to feature more audio and video in 2005 as well as the usual text and photos.

Posting between now and January 4, 2005 will be sporadic if at all! See you in 2005!


Astroturfing not allowed

There was an alleged astroturfing incident in one of our discussion forums. In the future, all astroturfing messages will be deleted without notice. Please see our updated Privacy and Site Policies for the full details.



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