Happy 2007!

I'd like to think all of our readers (and especially those who navigated the gauntlet of our registration system and left comments) for their support and for checking out the site. Have a great 2007 and eat well!



My Top 5 WiFi Cafes List in Vancouver in The Province -  N93 version, macro with flash in our bathroom with red walls - 31/12/2006

As seen in Today's Vancouver Province (link will die due to the Province's antiquated we


Holiday Bake-it-yourself

This year I didn't have the energy to do my usual Christmas baking (8 dozen each of 6 to 8 varieties of cookies). So for gifts I made a few different appetizers, froze them and packaged them up in lovely boxes with charming labels. I made lamb sausage rolls based on a recipe I found in the Canadian Living Holiday Baking guide, Turkish spinach and feta sigaras and mushroom almond turnovers (recipes to follow!)

These were a hit and were much less labour intensive!


Breka is new name for Fraser Bakery and Konditorei

Mohnkuchen - Breka 02/12/2006

Breka (6533 Fraser Street, 604 325-6612) is the new (new to me, I think they have had the new name for over a year!) name for the Fraser Bakery and Konditorei.


Kwong Chow Noodle House - great deal lunch deal - $5.75

Last Saturday after the Heritage Hall market, we went to Kwong Chow for a cheap and tasty lunch. For $5.75 you get slow simmered Chinese soup, one of their lunch specials and coffee. Still highly recommended in 2006. We had 3 dishes for less than $20. Enough food for four but there were only three of us.

Here's what we had:

Congee with beef (or was it chicken :-) ! ?)

Pinpin value meals - highly recommended

Adobo Chicken with Rice value meal at Pinpin:

BBQ chicken with adobo sauce on the side - Pinpin 02/12/2006

Boneless BBQ Pork Skewer value meal at Pinpin:

ChocolaTas photos

A picture of ChocolaTas is worth a thousand words!

ChocolaTas - 03/12/2006
ChocolaTas - 03/12/2006


ChocolaTas Belgian Chocolate

While vending Midnight Kitchen cookie dough at Granville Island over the past few weeks, I've had the opportunity to get to know many talented local food producers. I am in love with the chocolates made by ChocolaTas! The chocolates are stunningly beautiful and equally delectable. Check them out this weekend until Sunday.


Green Village has great northern style Chinese food - ignore the Courier's Cheap Eats "review"

Despite what the Courier said in a recent Green Village "review" in their Cheap Eats section, Green Village is an amazing place for cheap, flavourful northern style Chinese food, you just have to know what to order.


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