Mini mini review - La Buca

Since we haven't been doing so great at writing restaurant reviews, I'm going to start writing even briefer reviews. La Buca (4025 MacDonald Street, 604.730.6988) is a simply decorated but smart looking restaurant in the middle of nowhere (OK it's in Dunbar but there ain't much there). Compact (I always wonder how they make money with such a small room) enough that they can't fit an espresso machine but expansive in flavours. It's well priced Italian menu full of classics. e.g. a very large portion of spaghetti vongole for $17.50 and and Coniglio in umido (rabbit, porcini, etc) for $24.50. We usually share an appetizer, one of their big pastas and a main between two and come away with a happy tummy and a reasonable load on our bank balance. And it's even decently kid friendly. We've seen parents with their kids when they open at 5p.m. so we're thinking of bringing our four year old the next time! Make a reservation or show up at opening time, they are always busy! Highly recommended.