1st Visit - Stella's Tapas Bar

Stella's Tap & Tapas Bar 23July2005 - 11

Chambar Belgian National Day 2005 - The photos

Chambar National Belgian Day 21July200510

Except for it being a wee bit pricey (the poster for the meal kind of implied that some beer would be included for the $50 price), the Belgian National Day 2005 celebration meal at Chambar was delicious.

Responses to request for downtown sushi takeout and delivery

Check out what Darla Moore, SaabKen, Mooshmouse and Travis Smith had to suggest when I asked for downtown places that do sushi takeout and delivery. Thanks everybody! If anybody else has suggestions, love to hear them!

Best place to get sushi downtown for lunch?

Could somebody please recommend the best place to get sushi in downtown Vancouver for lunch? It could be takeout or even better if they can deliver it. I am familiar with lots of sushi places but none of my favourites are downtown!

[Tacks] Best Korean Restaurant - INSADONG - Shark in the water...

[ROLAND'S NOTES: Thanks for the review Tacks! If anybody else wants to review their favourite restaurants, please join the site and submit your review. We've put this restaurant on our list of places to try.]

Yesterday, we dropped by the new Korean restaurant in Coquitlam (again for the third time in two weeks) we tried a new type of Naeng-Myun (with buckweat noodles) soup and Dwengun-Jikae. The food and service were both delicious.

National Belgian Day at Chambar next Thursday 21 July 2005

I agree with Boris; this sounds like my kind of event! See you at Chambar next Thursday! Read the whole thing on Urban Vancouver to see the cool image.

From Boris' posting: National Belgian Day at Chambar | Urban Vancouver .:


1st Visit - Umami on Davie

Umami Bill from July 11 2005

Barb and I really enjoyed our first visit to Umami (572 Davie, 604 696-9563) yesterday.

Umami - Mini 1st Visit Report

Tuna and scallops

Barb and I had one of our favourite meals of 2005 at Umami (572 Davie, 604 696-9563) today.


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