1st Visit - Stella's Tapas Bar

Stella's Tap & Tapas Bar 23July2005 - 11

Stella's Tap & Tapas Bar 23July2005 - 7

Stella's Tapas bar (1191 Commercial Drive, 604 736-2220) is a cut above your neighbourhood brasserie or pub. It's open throughout the day and features food and beer from around the world with a bit of a Belgian accent. Barb and I loved the Tosino ($9) pictured above which is the perfect combination of "good fat pork" with sweet and savoury tones and you can't go wrong with the duck duo ($12) of sausage and duck leg, mmmm and of course we tried the mussels with excellent fries. Including 2 Belgian beers on tap and 4 shared tapas style dishes, the bill was $59.95. We'll be back! Great value and a great location for us (about a 20 minute walk without a baby stroller :-) !).