Bin 942 Review

As promised, here's my mini review of Bin 942.

Bin 942

Going to Bin 942 on Broadway tonight as a final send off for Carol.

I have been once before in early 2000 or late 1999 with Carol and Andy and it was fabulous. Great "tapas"!

Teatriz Cafe aka The Green Place

Went for lunch today at the Teatriz Cafe which we've nicknamed the Green Place. Here is our mini-review.

And here is the front cover of their take-out menu: Teatriz Cafe aka The Green Place: The menu from the Teatriz Cafe affectionately known as "The Green Place"

Hawker's Delight

Barb and I finally went to Hawker's Delight tonight.

If you have ever been to a hawker's stand in Malaysia or Singapore you must check this place out. If you haven't I bet you'd still enjoy it. Check out our mini  review for more details.

Here's a picture of their business card:
Hawker's Delight Business Card: Hawker's Delight Business Card

Mini Review: McKim Restaurant in Richmond

This is one of the many restaurants in Vancouver that cater to Chinese immigrants from Hong Kong, especially the recent ones.

According to my colleague, William, there is a famous restaurant in Hong Kong called McKim.

Before this McKim, which is affiliated with the one in Hong Kong, opened, somebody else started a Chinese restaurant with the same name in the greater Vancouver area.

Pho Lan Restaurant

Check out my mini review of Pho Lan restaurant.

Check out their business card:
Pho Lan Business Card: Business card from Pho Lan Vietnamese Restaurant in Richmond (a suburb of Vancouver).

Mini-Review: Tama Sushi

One of my favourite restaurants that I forgot to mention in my favourite restaurant feature is Tama Sushi. It's walking distance from where I live which is a major bonus because I hate driving. Whenever people come to visit, I alway take them there and they always enjoy it. I love to hang out at the sushi bar and kibbitz with the sushi chefs while they make sushi and grill eel.

The fish there is always fresh! My favourites are: whatever they have on special and spicy tuna sashimi.

Toronto Restaurant Inspection Report Online

If you are travelling to Toronto, check out this Toronto online restaurant inspection report courtesy of Teresa Salter. We're still looking for a Vancouver website like this. Please post a news item or reply to Tree's response.

NYC Restaurant Inspection Report Online

Does anybody know if Vancouver has a restaurant inspection report online similar to the one in New York City?

All I could find was a reference to a $50 report NOT available on line.

I think it would be a good idea to post restaurant inspection reports online. This would probably make restaurant owners more conscious of the cleanliness of their restaurants.


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