Bishop's - a cozy refuge from the world on a weeknight

On a weeknight (not Thursday, Friday or Saturday), Bishop's (2183 West 4th Avenue,  604 738-2025) is an even more amazing place as Barb and I found out tonight. In addition to the stellar food, it's warm, quiet, cozy and organic (not just the food but the place too) and  a place where you can talk! Not too many of these places around! In this case, you really get what you paid for.

Mini-Review: Chambar

Coquotte - Mussels with Bacon at Chambar

Checkout my Chambar Mini-Review!

La Bretagne Creperie - John Goodall's review

John Goodall reviews La Bretagne Creperie, a place I have been meaning to try! Check it!

Teatriz Cafe still cheap and still delicious in 2005

Yummy food at the Teatriz Cafe 13May2005 - 1

Still serving up delicious food and still inexpensive in 2005 even though the Teatriz Cafe has new owners. For example my big plate of spicy rib fried rice with lots of garlic (bring mints!) was about $6 and included a Hong Kong style iced tea with milk. Mmmm.

Kiwi Pies on Robson is indeed open and it's great

Boris and I went Thursday night (they are open to 7p.m. on Thursdays) to the new Kiwi Pie Company location on Robson. The pies are as delicious as ever. My only regret is that they are temporarily out of red T-shirts!

Moderne Burger is still closed

Sign on Moderne pleading for them to re-open - I feel the same way

Moderne Burger is still closed with no re-opening date. Aaargh. Definitely in burger rehab!

Shanghai River in Richmond - another place to try!

hundrednorth's Noodles at Shangai River

Mmmmmm. Must try Shanghai River in Richmond (110, 7831 Westminster Highway; 604 233-8885).

From 100 n. 30th: Mmm...noodles.:


The Kiwi Pie Company's Robson Location should be open by now

Kiwi Pie Company Robson Location Menu

Last Tuesday the 26th, I went to The Kiwi Pie Company on Robosn (542 Robson, 604 683-1924) for lunch, but no dice. Some opening delays.

Guu still rocks in 2005

Guu continues to be one of our favourite restaurants. For Barb's birthday dinner, we stuffed ourselves with 8 of their small plates and a cassis grapefuit drink for a total bill of $45.92 (including taxes but no tip). Still hella good after all these years and one of the best food preparation shows in the city. All you need is a seat at the bar like we had tonight. Then, you can sit back and relax and watch the chefs prepare the food in a frenzy of loud action. And if you go often enough, you'll start learning some Japanese food words!


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