[Tacks] Best Korean Restaurant - INSADONG - Shark in the water...

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Yesterday, we dropped by the new Korean restaurant in Coquitlam (again for the third time in two weeks) we tried a new type of Naeng-Myun (with buckweat noodles) soup and Dwengun-Jikae. The food and service were both delicious.

Since our two year old daughter loves their L.A. Galbi we ensured this was included in our order. With the nice sunny weather we sat outside on the patio and enjoyed a nice meal with a great view.

When we were about to leave we noticed a couple new editions in their live seafood aquariums. (Two small baby sharks)

Photos are available at. http://www.insadong.ca

In our opinion this may be the best Korean restaurant in Vancouver. It reminds me of the nice scenic Korean restaurant in Los Angeles. ( Chosun Galbee: http://www.chosungalbee.com/ )

(Also, the menu on the internet provides a nice guide for those folks that haven't yet tried Korean food...)

Contributed by Tacks