Patisserie Lebeau's French Bread

Barb and I tried Patisserie Lebeau's French bread today. It is a steal at $1.75. Light, but substantial texture! Crisp, but chewy crust and not flakey. A definite find! Highly recommended.

As if we needed another reason (in addition to their wonderful baguettes, eclairs, waffles, etc.) to go there! Please check it out. You won't be disappointed.


Cheddar with Guiness at Oyama Sausage

We finally got around to buying something (as we promised long ago) at Oyama Sausage (604 327-7407) on Granville Island but it's cheese not sausage.

We tried their Guiness flavoured cheddar and are delighted to report that it is fabulous and inexpensive at $3.99 for 100 grams. Check it out.!

We'll be back soon to buy some sausage! We promise!


Fol Epi Cheese From Forster's Fine Cheeses

We picked up a nice,light, creamy, beautiful piece of Fol Epi Cheese at Forster's Fine Cheeses (2104 West 41st Avenue, 604 261 5813).

It's gorgeous: coated with wheat flour and decorated with wheat ears and reasonable in price: $7.75 for 7 ounces. Can't wait to serve it at our next party!


La Petite France

I recently realized to my horror that we have not done a mini-review of our favourite French bakery, La Petite France!

If you haven't been yet, you must check it out! It rocks! Please check out our La Petite France mini-review for more details.


Pizza Dough from Calabria Bakery

For our annual Winter Warm-up open house and food drive for the Food Bank, I usually serve Italian sandwiches on large bread rings from Calabria Bakery. When we picked up the bread rings, I noticed that they also sell pizza dough. I bought some, since I was planning to make pizza for the party and the time saving factor was attractive.


May Robertson's Baguettes are great!

This week's Georgia Straight Food of the Week features May Robertson's un-signed bakery on Vine Street in Kits.

Way back in the summer, we tried her baguettes and loved them. We agree with Angela. They are crispy and good! We need to go back and try more of her baking. It all looks good! Check it out!



As part of her Writing Food course at the UBC Writing Centre, Barb picked up some delicious Taleggio cheese from Pane e Formaggio tonight. Moderately pungent with a nice "mushroomy" aroma and creamy! An almost affordable luxury at approximately $3.50 for 100 grams! Recommended!


Mini-Review Patisserie Lebeau

Yesterday, we bought an excellent and inexpensive baguette at Patisserie Lebeau. Check out our mini-review of Patisserie Lebeau for more details on their excellent baguettes, pastries and waffles.


Que Pasa has moved to Richmond

Que Pasa moved to Richmond more than a year ago but today we finally updated our Que Pasa story with their new address and telephone number!


3P Poultry Plus - Organic chicken and more

My friend Gene and his partner recently started eating only organic food and he recommended the meat from 3P Poultry Plus in North Van. Not only do they have chicken but they also have pork, beef and more exotic meats like buffalo and ostrich. After watching Deconstructing Supper, we are definitely moving towards a more organic diet. Another place for us to check out! If you have been there, please let us know what you thought.



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