Senses Bakery and Restaurant Stilton Cheesecake

Barb and I have loved the Stilton Cheesecake at Diva at the Met for many years. A great combination of subtle stilton cheese after glow combined with sweet and cheese flavours. Incredible.


First Visit: Salty Tongue Urban Deli in Gastown

Actually this is not really a first visit report. I have been to the Salty Tongue (213 Carrall Street, 604 815-7258) many times since I first found out about it, but for some reason never filed a first report. Perhaps, I am trying to keep this place for myself :-) !


Patisserie Lebeau's excellent sandwiches - Heaven for less than 5 bucks!

Barb is now on maternity leave and found out that Patisserie Lebeau also sells sandwiches.

Naturally (have to cram everything in before the baby arrives), I had to try it today.


Shop at Empire Supermarket in Richmond

As promised yesterday, here's a mini-review of the Empire Supermarket in Richmond. Go there and shop for all your Chinese food needs. You won't be disappointed.

To give you an idea of the look and feel and what's on offer, here are some photos:

The Chinese Chives that were in the dumplings we enjoyed during Class #3


Empire Supermarket in Richmond

September 11, 2001 was a turning point in everybody's lives including mine. That was the day I received my severance package from Nortel in Richmond as well as the day of the terrorist attacks in the USA.

Ever since then, I hardly ever go to Richmond. Before that day, I used to spend a lot of my time eating and shopping in Richmond. Now that I work in Vancouver, I spend 90% of my time there.


Cardamom Bread at the Halso Konditori/Swedish Bakery

Barb liked the fine crumb texture and the contrasting crunchy sugar topping. And the aromatic sweetness of the cardamom. Mmmm. $4 of delicious bread fun at the Halso Konditori/Swedish Bakery.

Check it out:

Or check out their Cardamon bread photo.


Looking for a Good Licensed Caterer

Our friend Suzanne is getting married this summer and is looking for a good caterer.  They're planning their reception for the Vancouver Rowing Club and are hoping to have a barbeque meal of steak and salmon and a variety of salads.

If you know of a reliable and talented caterer who can fill the bill, let us know!


The best Canadian bagels are at St. Viateur, Ottawa Bagel Shop and at Siegel's

(via Textism) - I don't care what Hillel Cooperman says about Canadian Bagels. He thinks Gryfe's in Toronto has the best bagels in Canada. Wrong :-) ! The best Canadian bagels are at St.


Barbara Jo's Books to Cooks Annual Sale!

Barbara Jo's is having their annual storewide book sale from January 16 to January 18, 2004.  All in stock books are 20% to 40% off. I think I'll have to take my cookbook wishlist down and scoop up some good deals.


Barbara-Jo's Books to Cooks

If you are looking for a cookbook, or a cooking class, Barbara-Jo's Books To Cooks is darned near perfect.  Now if only their website had an RSS file I could subscribe to, it would be perfect ... Imagine being able to find out without surfing when they add a new cookbook or add a new class.  This could all be done through RSS.

A great place to buy cookbooks and take a class at Christmas (they also have gift certificates) at any time!



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