Gourmet Warehouse has moved to East Hastings Street

Still fantastic but in a new location! Check out the newly moved Gourmet Warehouse at 1340 East Hastings, 604 253-3022.


Fujiya's Spicy Chicken Karaage - $4 and perfect for beach picnic

If you don't have time to BBQ or to cook for a picnic and you are near East Van, Fujiya (912 Clark Drive, 604 251-3711) is a great place to pick up some picnic fixings. They have excellent Japanese fast food (sushi, bento boxes, etc.) as well as drinks. Barb and I picked up some sushi and some Spicy Chicken Karaage ($4 delicious! enough for 2) last Sunday at 10ish on our way to the beach. Perfect picnic food if you want something different.


Wild Salmon Canada's Salmon is Fab

I am not a big fan of salmon (maybe because I haven't had much great salmon being brought up in Ontario!), but I really enjoyed the salmon at the Farmed and Dangerous Wild Salmon dinner on Tuesday and at Tojo's. And lo and behold the salmon at Tojo's is from Wild Salmon Canada. Check it out! Highly recommended.


The Transilvanian Peasant Bakery

Transilvania Peasant Bread - 4
Check out Barb's review of the bread from the Transilvanian Peasant Bakery.


Transilvania Peasant Bread is fantastic

Excellent bread from the Transilvania Bakery on Broadway - 2

After the last Slow Food Vancouver meeting, Barb brought back a piece of Transilvanian Peasant Bread (3474 West Broadway, no phone !


Moroccan Spicy Lamb Sausage at Oyama Sausage

Oyama Sausage is definitely one of our favourite places to shop. Must write a story in our Shopping category soon. I thought of Oyama because we just tried their Morrocan Spicy Lamb Sausage and it is definitely a winner: spicy and flavourful. A must try!


Al Hawkins' - Kitchen on the Cheap

I was reminded when reading Andrea's post that I linked to yesterday (which Manila seems to have somehow corrupted) of Al's Kitchen on The Cheap. Check it out! Cheap, cheerful and above all practical advice on cooking equipment.


European Specialty Importers

What can I say other than Boris was right. Check out our review of European Specialty Importers and the pictures below for a tantalizing peek into this wonderful store.  And if you need something to bring to a Christmas party, some European chocolate or a Stollen would be a great last minute thing to pick up!

Stollen (traditional German Christmas bread, an ideal thing to bring to a Christmas party!):



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