Que Pasa Mexican Foods

[UPDATE November 2002] Que Pasa has moved to Richmond. Their new address is 12031 No.5 Road Richmond, 604 241 5781

Most Vancouverites are familiar with Que Pasa chips, salsa and prepared dishes like burritos available in local grocery stores. At the Que Pasa store, there is a much wider range of deli products. The made-to-order take out bar is great...a wide assortment of burritos, tacos, tamales to take away or to eat there at the window seating or tables outside on a nice day. Freshly made condiments like salsas and guacamole are also available.

Que Pasa stocks ingredients to cook up your own Mexican inspired meals. Dry goods include bulk products, masa harina (corn flour), seasonings, canned goods, and hot sauces galore! The cooler stocks Mexican style cheeses, corn and flour tortillas, licuados (fruit beverages) and difficult to find produce like tomatillos and fresh nopales (cactus leaves).

Last time I was there I picked up salsa, guacamole and masa harina to make fresh corn tortillas to serve with pork stewed in chipotle sauce and chicken in tomatillo sauce.

Que Pasa Mexican Foods 1637 West 5 Avenue, 737-7659