The Transilvania Peasant Bakery

Transilvania Peasant Bread - 2
After trying out the magnificent peasant bread from the Transilvania Bakery at this month's Slow Food meeting, I was compelled to make the trek to pick up a loaf for ourselves.  So across town the Kid and I went.

The second we strolled into the rustic store we were greeted by Floran, the Romanian baker and with a waft of freshly baked bread and the warmth of the wood burning oven.  Only one type of bread is made.. rustic whole wheat.  When asked which size of bread I wanted, I opted for the large loaf for $10.  As I lifted the still steaming loaf into the stroller, I thought, "Wow, this bread is the weight of a small child!"

We couldn't wait to try out the bread on our way home so I had to break the "no crumbs in the car" rule and ripped off chunks of the loaf for both me and the Kid.  Afterall, giving him morsels of warm bread is one of the best ways to keep him occupied and to hold him off until lunch.

When we got home I weighed the loaf...a whopping 4 lb. 2 oz. (add another 3 or 4 oz. to make up for what we snacked on).

The peasant bread, which Floran explains is based on an old Romanian style, has a nutty, yeasty whole wheat flavour.  The texture is a nice balance of airy and dense and has a nice springy chew.  And the crust is thick and crisp as an old fashioned loaf should be.  The bread was equally delectable the next day.  Definitely worth the drive across town!

The Transilvania Peasant Bakery, 3474 West Broadway