Moderne Burger re-opens and we are very happy

Moderne Burger reopens 29Jun2005 - 4

Moderne Burger (VanEats Moderne Burger Review) has reopened! The kid, Barb and I ate there tonight and we are very happy to report that Peter and Kathy are friendly as usual and the food is delicious as usual. Nothing has changed. Everything is yummy!

Moderne Burger has reopened

Finally Moderne Burger has reopened after many weeks of waiting after the fire next door!

Moderne Back re-opening on Wednesday

Got an email from Peter and the crew of Moderne Burger that they will be re-opening Wednesday! Fingers crossed!

Info on Tama Sushi closing

Thanks to Mooshmouse for pointing to a post on eGullet that gives the scoop which is that "owner of Tama sushi is actively looking for a new place, landlord jacked up rent too much so he decided to bail"

And thanks to Anahid (please help him with nearby sushi places by leaving a comment) for emailing:


Tama Sushi gone - what happened?

Tried to go to Tama Sushi on Broadway last week only to find out that they were no longer there. If anybody knows what happened to Tama Sushi, as always, please leave a comment or send an email.

Bhoj (feast) at Cafe Kathmandu - can't wait to try it

Large - Tarkaari and Bhoj - Khatmandu Cafe menu

The $21 Bhoj (from the photo: 'Bhoj means "feast" and yours will be any two plates from the small list, plus your choice of dal bhaat tarkaari options') at Cafe Kathmandu looks to be a great deal (click the photo above to see all the details)! Can't wait to try it.

Memphis Blues BBQ House on Commercial is also great

Memphis Blues on Commercial (1342 Commercial, 604 215-2599) is just as great as the original location on Broadway (Memphis Blues BBQ House Broadway review)! We're very fortunate to have them within walking distance of where we live.

Libby's open for dinner!

Congrats to Libby's on starting to serve dinner as of Friday June 3rd. Tues-Thursday until 9:30p.m. Friday and Saturday until 10:30p.m. Had a quick peek at the menu today and it looks great. Can't wait to try their curry, lamb shanks and other cool stuff.

Kolachy shop now open on Saturdays 9am.-5p.m. and soon to 7p.m. on Weekdays

Barb went to The Kolachy Shop on Monday and found out that they will start opening Saturdays 9a.m.-5p.m. and they will soon extend their weekday hours to 7p.m. Excellent! A reason to go to Yaletown on Saturdays!


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