Mini Review: Memphis Blues Barbeque House

If you eat meat, then you must visit the Memphis Blues Barbeque House! No if's, and's, or but's (unless they're pork butts!)!

It is a temple to good 'ole southern American style Barbeque. The meat is lovingly prepared on the premises in the style of the American South.

The room is small and cozy. Decorated with pictures of famous blues musicians and filled with people eating down home wonderful food.

The Memphis feast is one of Vancouver's best bargains. For only $28.95 you get an excellent sampler of everything: pork ribs, sausage, beef brisket, pulled pork, chicken, pork rib ends, potato salad, cole slaw, BBQ pit beans, fries and corn bread with a mild but nicely flavoured barbeque sauce on the side. And for spicy sauce fiends there's a hotter sauce on the table which I sprinkled liberally on my meat like ketchup. Who needs ketchup when you have two tasty sauces like these? The sauces are an extra bonus because the meat is so juicy that it's tasty without the sauce.

Such a bargain! On our last visit, we ordered the feast and one ice tea and the total including tax was 33 dollars and change for 3 people! $11 each! Where else can you eat so well for so cheap?

The feast can feed 4 people with normal appetites, 3 hungry people, 2 gluttons or 1 football player. I suggest avoiding the gluttony option and taking what you can't finish home. The brisket is even better the day after!

There are other things on the menu but we haven't tried it. Heck they even have dessert but we haven't tried that either. Much much too full!

For those not in the mood for something big, they have sandwiches and starters as well as full meals like a slab of ribs. We hear the pulled pork sandwich is divine; something to try. I am going to try having this for lunch next time!

The restaurant is fully licensed. They serve beer on tap (Big Rock Pale Ale and Wheat beer the last time we were there) for a very reasonable $4.95 a glass and $16 for a jug and 5 reds and 5 whites available for the reasonable price of $5 a glass and $25 a bottle.

There is no table service. But please do leave a tip! The owners, George and Park (the laconic, sardonic, sarcastic,witty one), and their staff deserve it for bringing their labour of love to Vancouver. You go up to the counter, order your meat, pay and give them your name. Moments later, your name is called and your food is ready. You pick it up and return to your table and nirvana awaits!

Highly recommended!

Memphis Blues Barbeque House, 1465 West Broadway Avenue, 604 738 6806