Claire Clark on Indulge 100 Perfect Desserts

I am quite fond of many many things British and look back at my time in London in the 90s happily. So I love chatting with British people like Claire Clark, pastry chef to the Queen and now Head Pastry Chef at The French Laundry (our most popular story) and author of of Indulge 100 Perfect Desserts (a big "Vielen Dank" to Amanda of Whitecap Books for arranging this!).


Gurth Pretty on The Definitive Canadian Wine and Cheese Cookbook [VIDEO]

More info:'s official The Definitive Canadian Wine and Cheese Cookbook page and Gurth's website. This video was recorded live without editing at Salt in Gastown on October 18, 2007.


Barbara Jo's Books to Cooks now at West 2nd AND the Net Loft at Granville Island

Moving seems to be in the air. The best cookbook store in Canada Barbara-Jo's Books to Cooks has moved to foodie heaven at 1740 West 2nd (604-688-6755) near Patisserie Lebeau and Les Amis du Fromage as well as a 2nd location at the Net Loft in Granville Island (604 684-6788). Congrats on the new digs!


Excellent cookbook deals at Powell's Books in Portland, Oregon

I bought a whole bunch of cookbooks for Barb at Powell's Books in Portland, Oregon last week while I was there for OSCON 2005. I didn't get to the cookbook store but the main store had tons of great cookbooks (both new and used in great condition side by side!) which thanks to the relatively high Canadian dollar and the lack of sales tax are a bargain. Highly recommended. More on the cookbooks later.


Holiday Reading

In between cooking, feasting and visiting with friends, I'm managing to get some quality cookbook reading in.  My top choices this season are so far (in no particular order):  Home Baking by Naomi Duguid and Jeffrey Alford, Kaffehaus by Rick Rodgers (thank you Simon), Luscious Lemon Desserts by Lori Longbotham.


Ferran Adria's "El Bulli, 1998-2002"

Much as I like cookbooks, I doubt I will ever buy Ferran Adria's El Bulli, 1998-2002 (for those who read Spanish, check out the Spanish El Bulli website). At over $US 125, it's just too expensive to justify for a book that's written in Spanish (I might be tempted by an English version!).


Harry Long's Fabulous Chinese Cookbook from 1965!

Today, Larry Wong lent us a copy of the "Fabulous Chinese Cook Book" written by Vancouverite Harry Kam Long in 1965.

It really is fabulous both for the great recipes and for its glimpse back at the Vancouver Chinese food scene circa 1965. Today we take it for granted that we can get 99% of the ingredients needed for authentic Chinese food; back then this was a lot more difficult.

This excerpt from the foreward is very telling:

We believe that the "Fabulous Chinese Cookbook" is the book which you have been waiting and searchng for.


Teresa's fav recipes from Seductions of Rice

Our friend, Teresa, wrote in to tell us about her favourite recipes from Seductions of Rice. Read it! Thanks Tree!



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