Menus from an Orchard Table Book Signing - Brief Videoblog and thoughts

Menus from an Orchard Table Signing 20070602-1Whitecap Books invited VanEats to the book signing at Marquis Wine Cellars last Saturday for Heidi Noble's Menus from an Orchard Table. I was able to do a brief video blog with Heidi. She's a gracious and warm chef and wine maker. And the recipes from the book are delicious. Quince was on hand and they prepared a selection of food from the book e.g. a Venison Carpaccio with beet parsley and onion salad; a fine texture and flavour mix (page 178 of the book).

I was also able to meet photographer, mixologist and restaurant consultant Chris Mason Stearns who did the colour photographs for the book (he uses a Canon digital SLR too and we chatted about Lightroom) and Heidi's brother, Craig Noble, who did the book's black and white photographs and is shooting a documentary called Tableland on sustainable food production (can't wait to see it!).

Bottom line: The book is lovely. Great philosophy, great recipes and beautiful photographed. Recommended. Even better. Get out to the Okanagan and experience the food in its natural setting!

Watch the Video