All About Apples, an amazing cookbook by Scott Carsberg of Lampreia in Seattle

Download this book! Oodles of excellent photos and some great apple recipes.

From - All About Apples, Scott Carsberg, Lampreia:


In a sea of restaurants that adhere to fads, fickle restaurant critics, and the advice of consultants, Lampreia has slowly and steadily built a loyal and almost religious following of customers who value its unique, minimalist style. Carsberg’s food is fresh, seasonal, refined, luxurious, and yet deceptively simple. Meals at Lampreia are special but not formal. Dishes are exciting and challenging, but approachable. Carsberg operates outside the growing legion of “celebrity chefs” while maintaining standards as high as the most famous and accomplished of culinary artists. Carsberg’s cooking is grounded in the northern Italian style that he absorbed during his many years cooking in Europe. He combines this with the fresh ingredients of the region in which he grew up – the Pacific Northwest.

“Growing up in the northwest, and cooking here every day, it’s impossible not to feature the bounty of Washington State’s apple harvest on my menu,” said Scott Carsberg, Chef at Lampreia. The eight dishes in All About Apples are a tour of many of the apple varieties grown in Washington state and of other local and seasonal ingredients like Dungeness Crab, and chestnuts. “What I love about this cookbook is the freedom to really show what goes into making each dish. While Lampreia doesn’t have the luxury of an army of cooks, our dishes are still more involved than the average food made at home. The details in All About Apples capture the truth of how Lampreia’s food is really made. And the only way we could have done a project this special is with the passionate people at tastingmenu” said Carsberg.