VanEats the next generation - Need your ideas

We're currently planning the next generation of VanEats.

Here's some ideas we have:

  1. Free food blogs for everybody who wants one
  2. A way to submit recipes who for those who don't want to blog it
  3. A way to submit restaurant reviews for those who don't want to blog it
  4. A way for restaurants to submit daily specials
  5. More audio
  6. More video
  7. A spiffy new look and feel (ideas and concepts and help for this appreciated!)

Please leave a comment or email feedback AT with your ideas!


Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil

[ROLAND's NOTE]: This looks great! Costs look reasonable for this kind of oil ($17.99 for 500ml to $120 for 5 litres). Rebecca or Rachel: It would be great if we could check your oil out over on this side of the bridge (we missed the West Van Market showing today). Any plans to be at one of the Farmers Markets or Granville Island?


Rekados Filipino Cuisine - 1st Visit

Rekados Filipino Food 28Aug06 - 3
Rekados Filipino Food 28Aug06 - 2

Tomato Fest at East Van Farmers Market

This Saturday, August 19, is the East Vancouver Farmers Market's annual Tomato Festival. All things tomato will be celebrated!

Midnight Kitchen unfortunately won't be selling there this week, but Roland, Junior and I will be there to shop and join in the festivities!

Rena recommends Thu Hien's Vietnamese sandwiches

In response to our previous item asking where to get good Vietnamese food in Cedar Cottage and Kingsway, Rena recommends Thu Hien (located close to 23rd and Knight, will get phone number and exact address when we go visit) for their sandwiches.

Best Vietnamese on Kingsway and Cedar Cottage?

Ben Garfinkel of Industrial Brand Creative is looking for good Vietnamese  in his new neighbourhood of Cedar Cottage and Kingsway. He's found Tung Hing Bakery and Kingsway Deli but would like some more recommendations for great Vietnamese on Kingsway or Cedar Cottage.

His current favs (not in Cedar Cottage or Kingsway) as documented on his blog are:

Tomato Tart from Tami Moritz's Something Sweet

Tomato Tart from Something Sweet:

Riley Park Delicious Food 09Aug2006 - 4

Blueberry Tart from Something Sweet

Midnight Kitchen at Caper's today 11a.m.-3p.m.

Join Glo and myself and try out our Midnight Kitchen cookies at Caper's on 4th in Kitsilano from 11a.m.-3p.m. We can talk about food in general, not just Midnight Kitchen stuff :-) !



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