Tomato Tart from Tami Moritz's Something Sweet

Tomato Tart from Something Sweet:

Riley Park Delicious Food 09Aug2006 - 4

Blueberry Tart from Something Sweet

Riley Park Delicious Food 09Aug2006 - 2

At last Wednesday's Riley Park Farmers Market, Barb and I tried Tami Moritz's Something Sweet's Tomato Tart. Delicious! Light, tomato and cheese. Yum. For less than $5 (actually I think it was closer to three bucks but I didn't take notes).

We also enjoyed her Blueberry Tart pictured above. Not too sweet with a real blueberry flavour.

Check out Tami's stuff at the Farmers Market before summer is over! You won't regret it. Her official Farmer's Market schedule is here on the Something Sweet's Farmers Market page but to be sure (her August 9th Riley's Park date is not on that site for example!) To avoid disappointment, I'd email her (vegheads AT or call her at 604 327 8507.