Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil

[ROLAND's NOTE]: This looks great! Costs look reasonable for this kind of oil ($17.99 for 500ml to $120 for 5 litres). Rebecca or Rachel: It would be great if we could check your oil out over on this side of the bridge (we missed the West Van Market showing today). Any plans to be at one of the Farmers Markets or Granville Island?

Amelia Oil

Fresh pressed extra virgin olive oil from Umbria, Italy


When I first moved back to Vancouver from Umbria, Italy I knew the one thing I could not live without was the wonderful extra virgin olive oil that I was accustomed to drizzling over just about everything. The oil in Umbria is green and spicy and perfect for salads, grilled meat and bruschette.

Before leaving, I decided to buy a huge stainless steal drum and 60 litres of olive oil from my friend Francesco at the olive mill down the road. I had helped harvest the olives and I wanted to take my bit of Umbria home with me to share with my friends and family. I knew no one at home had probably had the pleasure of tasting fresh pressed olive oil. In fact, when I got back to Vancouver I realised most of the fancy olive oil I saw in stores was being sold past its prime and at hefty prices.

After tasting my olive oil, friends started to ask me if they could buy some. This is when my mother and I got the idea of importing olive oil from the town of Amelia where I had lived for the last two years. This is how we started Amelia Oil.

We are taking orders (a bit like wine futures) for the coming year's olive harvest. Customers make a deposit for half of their purchase and then pay the balance when the olive arrives in February. Olives are harvested and pressed once a year in December and our shipment will arrive in early February. Our prices are unbeatable because we are selling directly from the producer to the consumer. Orders places before the end of September, 2006 qualify for free delivery in the greater Vancouver area.

For a real taste of Umbria check out Amelia Oil -

Contributed by Rachel Black