The Sushi World Guide

While looking at the 1998 archives of my old website in Germany, I chanced upon a link to Wagamama. This led me to the The Sushi World Guide; in particular to its Vancouver listing.

Chinese Noodle Salad

Tonight, Barb and I had Chinese Noodle Salad at Kits Beach for a mini picnic supper. Yummy!

Afterwards, we went to Frogurts at 1925 Cornwall (they don't have a website) for a strawberry frozen yogurt in one of their delicious "made on the premises" waffle cones and walked back to my place.


Skorpa revisited

Andrea graciously provided a direct link (German only) to the Skorpa (Scandinavian mini toasts) that I mentioned on July 12 which doesn't require going through a pulldown menu

Teresa also pointed out that the Sundried Tomato recipe came from her! Teresa consider this my belated public apology.


All Recipes.Com

This is a fun website for all sorts of recipes and many categories. When Barb first became familiar with it, they only had and now they've expanded to include a huge range of categories including a culinary store and holiday recipes.

Barb particularly likes the cute icons!



FarmFolk/CityFolk are the people behind the Vancouver Farmers' Markets and other cool local food projects. This is a non-profit that ties together consumers and producers, thus lessening the distance between consumers and farmers. I particularly appreciate FFCF's efforts to promote local and sustainable agriculture. The policy making end of this organization also ensures that we in B.C.

Kalamay - My Mom's Rice Cake

Barb loves my Mom's rice cake which is called Kalamay in Filipino. In her own inimitable way, she reverse-engineered the recipe and made it her own. Check out Barb's delicious version of Sofia's Kalamay!

Wait, there's more!


Bin 942 Review

As promised, here's my mini review of Bin 942.

Mini-Review: Bin 942

In honour of Carol's departure today, we went to Bin 942 (which is the sister restaurant of Bin 941 in Yaletown) yesterday. Bin 942 is opposite Chapters on Broadway.

Bin 942

Going to Bin 942 on Broadway tonight as a final send off for Carol.

I have been once before in early 2000 or late 1999 with Carol and Andy and it was fabulous. Great "tapas"!


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