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In San Francisco!

We're in San Francisco for a week and updates, if any, will be sporadic!


Honor Them with Peace, Not War

VanEats will not be publishing on September 11.


VanEats Food -Related Website Directory

I agree with Dave Winer that the three useful ways to view the Web are: 1. Search 2. Hierarchy 3. Time

VanEats already has search and is organized by time, so the only thing missing is hierarchy.


DSL back up, regular updates will resume

Our DSL is back up, so regular updates will resume. More details about the outage can be found on my personal website. Thanks for your patience


DSL down, updates will be sporadic

Our DSL access has been down for the last couple of days so updates (if any) to vaneats and to my weblog, (which is inaccessible since it is served by my server running on my DSL) will be sporadic.

Our apologies for the inconvenience!



In other site news, I have created a story about how VanEats is non commercial and linked to it on the table of contents.


Layout changes and Print-Friendly Version

I changed our template so that the local links aka "Table of Contents" are on the left hand side where you can see it. I also added a link to our Referrers so you can see who has been checking out the site. Finally, I added a link to the "Print-Friendly Version" which is handy when you want to print out recipes.


VanEats is a non commercial site

VanEats is a non commercial and non profit site. It is our collaborative (with Barb and I being the editors and final arbiters) web based notebook and discussion group for those interested in dining and cooking in Vancouver.

Personal reviews and observations on restaurants, places to shop, etc. are welcome. However commercial press releases and things of an overtly commercial nature are not appropriate on VanEats itself but we don't mind linking to them on other sites.

For example, if you send us a press release we will not post it on VanEats.


Happy Holidays 2001

Happy Holidays to all our readers.

We'll be on hiatus until January 5th. Updates, if any, will be sporadic until then.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! May 2002 bring everyone lots of great food, peace and love!

...Roland and Barb


New Icons courtesy of Lisa Marks

I put up some new icons for Restaurants, Recipes and Features, courtesy of our friend, Lisa Marks, icon creator and dancer extraordinaire! Thanks Lisa!



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