VanEats Food -Related Website Directory

I agree with Dave Winer that the three useful ways to view the Web are: 1. Search 2. Hierarchy 3. Time

VanEats already has search and is organized by time, so the only thing missing is hierarchy.

Therefore in the spirit of "putting my money where my mouth is" :-), I am currently creating a Yahoo/DMOZ like directory of all the sites that we have featured on VanEats using the Manila directory feature. This directory will be a hierarchy of all the sites that we have put on VanEats. It's a useful condensed view of all that we have covered in the almost two years of our existence!

Please note that this is a work in progress! I may have missed some links and I am currently adding the links from March 2002 until the present and from our launch in June 2000 to December 2001.

If I missed your link or it is from a time period that I currently have not added, please use the "suggest a link" feature or reply to this news item. I'll do my best to put in links requested this way first.