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VanEats Search function added for November 1st

I have added a search function for VanEats on the lower right hand corner.

It will take a day or two for this function to start working because sites on our server are only indexed once a day. If searching is not working by November 1st, please let us know.


Back from London and Tuscany!

Hi! We are back from our honeymoon in Tuscany and London!

We will be resuming our normal daily updates tomorrow and will feature the highlights of our cooking classes in Tuscany and our culinary adventures in London!




We're getting married this weekend!

Since we are getting married on Sunday, updates will be infrequent for the next month or so!

Check out the "Other Sites" to get your food fix in the meantime.

Keep eating and smiling and take care of the ones you love!

...Roland and Barb


Moving to yet another server so there may be glitches

The title says it all. Hopefully this is the last move in a while!


Web server move may cause some disruptions

Our ISP,, is moving our web server on Thursday so you may experience some glitche when accessing the site.

This should be done by July 28th! Thanks for your patience!


Goan Recipes

I found this site on Goan cuisine. Goa is a region in India highly influenced by the Portugese. The recipes look good, but I wonder if they even measure up to Mrs. Papali's (Antonia's mum's) cooking!


Outage is over and mostly fixed


The outage at our ISP,, is now over. There may still be a few technical glitches. Please let us know if you find any. Thanks for your patience!!


Outage at


Sorry for being off the air the last day and a half but our ISP,, is having unexpected problems with their internet service providers!

VanEats is now back on the air but the server with all of our pictures is down hence the broken banner and badge for Behind the Curtain. Scripting News has a link to a page which describes the outage. But last time I checked the link was broken.


"Join Now" box in French

For some strange reason, the "Join Now" box for new members is in French!

Please bear with us! We are trying to fix this! It's important because we want the widest possible membership! We will post a followup item when this has been fixed.


Recipe Notes

One newsletter I subscribe to is Recipe Notes, a part of The newsletters are issued about once a week and they're full of fun and interesting recipes and ideas for seasonal foods and festive occasions.

I like today's issue with lots of fun ideas to make Valentine's Day special!



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