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Missing posts

If you are a long-time VanEats reader, you may have noticed that some posts disappear. The latest example would be Friday's post pointing to Saab Ken's BCAA post. I posted this at 4a.m. on Friday and now it is gone! I will post it again next but this is annoying to say the least. I believe this is due to the software that drives this site crashing and reverting to an older version of the database (thus losing the post). I plan to address this soon by moving to a new system.


Ad Hominem and disrespectful userids as well as comments will be deleted

I've updated the site policies to state that ad hominem and disrespectful userids as well as comments will be deleted. A gentle reminder: Barb and I make the rules here. You are welcome to do whatever you want on your own blog or website. I encourage you to start your own blog.


Moving to East Van

We are moving to East Van (home of many fine restaurants and places to buy ingredients) this week so daily updates won't resume until about Friday. In the meantime, check out our food photos at Flickr. That should keep you busy :-) !


Updates will be few and far between until July 9

Enjoy your summer and eat well! See you on July 9!


Golden Great Wall Redux Redux

In response to the controversy over my Golden Great Wall post, I have updated the Golden Great Wall post as well as our privacy and site policies page.


We're back

Thanks for all the well wishes! Baby is fine and I am raring to blog!


It's a boy

Healthy. 1:50a.m. Saturday. More soon at Won'be much blogging here until about April 12th.


Google AdSense Chill

Apparently I have violated the Google AdSense terms of service in this post! I have removed the "offending language" but really this is a bit much.


VanEats blog pause - Back on January 5, 2004!

We'll be taking a brief blog pause for the holidays!  This site will be updated sporadically (if at all!).  Regular updates will resume Monday January 5, 2004.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays!


Experimenting with Google Ads Again

[UPDATE 19 Feb 2004, Language that violated Adsense's term of service was deleted at Google's request]



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