Moving to East Van

We are moving to East Van (home of many fine restaurants and places to buy ingredients) this week so daily updates won't resume until about Friday. In the meantime, check out our food photos at Flickr. That should keep you busy :-) !



All the best with the move

had a very good standing rib from famous foods on the weekend, and having an organic turkey from there this coming weekend, and it's cheaper than choices!

thanks for the tips anneluke don't know about organic on the east side but rest assuered we will post here when we do

it does, i'm near 1st and nanaimo so it's a bit of hike.

So Famous Foods doesn't sell organic meats ? I had the impression IGA carries organic meats but I could be wrong. There's a store on Main/12th and one on Kingsway/Willingdon.

best bulk baking supplies etc. famous foods on kingsway and 25th .. . .and organic stuff too. my problem: organic meat/chicken w/o having to go to choices on the west side. any suggestions?

Very interessant your blog! I`m not speak very English, (I`m from Brazil) but you adurstend, right? My blog is in Portuguese, but go there. Bye, bye!

thank you Tara and SaabKen Tara: maybe we can meet at the East Van Farmers' Market at Trout Lake next year!

Welcome to East Van. We live fairly close to Trout Lake Park. Have 2 boys (one the same age as Simon) and we love it on the East side. We are sure you will too. Good parks, good people, and of course good food.