Mini Review: Raku Restaurant

NB: This restaurant has been renamed to Guu Kuimonoya but, other than the name, nothing has changed; same food, same great buzz and same great prices!

After many recommendations from my Japanese hairdresser, Barb and I went to Raku restaurant on Sunday.

What can I say? She was right!

Raku is cheap, cheerful, delicious, noisy and delightful. Tapas style Japanese food at great prices ($4-$9 which is free for my American friends :-) is what you get.

It's not usual sushi, or teppanyaki or teriyaki that you get at most Japanese restaurants.

Just good down home cooking! Barb and I enjoyed "pumpkin with meat" (sweet, tender and yummy), "yaki soba" (one of the few dishes that we actually recognized!), kimuchi hot pot, "spicy chicken wings" (they weren't spicy; the only disappointment of the night), stir fried garlic shoots, and a great salad.

The crowd seems to be mostly young Japanese students and the staff seems to be about the same age. They don't know much English but just be adventurous and go for it. You will have fun.

We sat at the bar and watched the crew of chefs creative chaotic ballet as they cooked their dishes.

Highly recommended but not the place to go to if you are looking for a quiet evening out.

Guu (formerly known as Raku) Restaurant, 838 Thurlow, 685 8817