Mini-Review Green Village

After eating lunch three times at Green Village (2461 Nanaimo at Broadway, 604 258-9018), we can highly recommend it.  We've heard it's great for dinner too, but we can only vouch for lunch so far.

If you are looking for great northern Chinese style lunch, Green Village is great, inexpensive place.

On our last visit we enjoyed:

  • deluxe stuffed sweet rice ($3.20, it's sweet and savoury delight with bits of dried preserved pork that Barb and her parents love)
  • steamed pork buns (10 for $6.25, excellent, juicy dumplings)
  • shredded turnip pan cakes ($4 for 3, great texture combo, flaky pastry with crunchy turnip)
  • hot and sour soup (a nice mixture of flavours, not overly sour or spicy)
  • fried rice cake with shredded pork (the rice cakes look like surf boards; great for kids and the young at heart)
  • sweet and our salt puff pastries ($4.50 for 4, another great texture combo; flakey pastry with a delicious and a bit salty onion stuffing)
  • shredded pork chow mein ($8, NOT northern style, cantonese style crunchy noodles, mmm!)
  • sweet soya milk ($1, a warm treat to keep you going on those cold Vancouver days)
Check out our first visit report and our mini-review news item for pictures and more info.