Nuba alive and kicking out delicious food in 2006

I haven't been to Nuba (322 West Hastings, 604 688-1655) too often lately for some strange reason. Probably due to my obsession with Korean food and the fact that I no longer work in Gastown. Anyways, I am chuffed to see that 2 years after opening, Nuba is alive and well and now open until 8p.m. and 12 to 5p.m. on Saturdays. Excellent, I hope to do a full mini-review soon as well as a videoblog with them. Highly recommended in 2006!


CityTV's 3rd Annual Taste of the City - This Saturday

[Cross posted from Urban Vancouver. See you there!]

From the Press release:


Barb's 1st visit to Transilvania Peasant Bread

Transilvania Peasant Bread - 1

The above photo is just a teaser, suffice to say that the bread is even better piping hot and fresh out of the oven as Barb found out today! Look for Barb's Transilvania Peasant Bread report soon!


Hopscotch Festival - world's finest scotches, whiskeys and premium beers | Urban Vancouver

If I had the time and energy (a baby is a lot more tiring and even more rewarding than I'd thought), I'd be there!

From Hopscotch Festival - world's finest scotches, whiskeys and premium beers | Urban Vancouver:



The Real link to the BC Sierra Club's Citizen's Guide to Seafood

I love the Georgia Straight. But its web site just isn't up to snuff. In particular, it would be great if they would check the URLs in their online articles!

Anyways, if you read Ross Crockford's Seafood guide helps people eat ethically, spot what's fishy are, in this week's Straight, here is the link to the PDF file of the Sierra Club's Citizen Guide to Seafood


The Other Down Under - New Zealand dining comes of age

Looks like New Zealand restaurants are coming of age. I loved New Zealand when Mike and I visited Roël there in '95 and the food wasn't too bad. Sounds great now! I shall return!

From The Other Down Under



First Visit: Maria's Taverna on 4th

Last Friday, Barb and I tried out Maria's Taverna on 4th (2324 West 4th Avenue, 604 731-4722). It was packed and now we know why: the food is delicious and affordable.


Truffle Menu at the French Laundry

Someday (after our baby is born and a reasonable age to be left with a babysitter), Barb and I will make it to the French Laundry (after following our own French Laundry Reservation advice), and when we do, I'd love to eat the special French Laundry truffle tasting menu.


2004 - International Year of Rice

More and more, 2004 looks like it's going to be a great year. The fact that 2004 is the International Year of Rice is more proof.


Krispy Kreme False Alarm

My apologies for the Krispy Kreme news item.

Krispy Kreme is still not open in Vancouver and I have no idea when it will be! It turns out that my source's friend's Krispy Kreme doughnuts were flown in from the USA and NOT bought locally in Vancouver.



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