Rekados has launched and they have a blog

Rekados (4063 Main Street at King Edward, 604-873-3133) the new waiter service Filipino restaurant that I blogged about earlier, has opened. Congratulations! Check out the Rekados blog for updates. Hopefully we'll get to it soon! Let us know what you think.

Rekados - new Filipino restaurant with table service opening in July

I found out via email from Teejae Conwi that he and several partners are opening a new Filipino restaurant with table service (yes, my whingeing has paid off :-) ! ) opening in July. It will be called Rekados and will be located at King Edward and Main and the partners trained in Vancouver and worked at the Arbutus Club for years. Excellent! Can't wait to try it!

O Lupo reviews Zako's Deli

[ROLAND'S NOTE: If you have want to review something or have a tip, email or leave a comment. And I love poutine :-) ! Too much time in Ottawa I guess.]

by O Lupo, the Roving Palate

500 W Broadway #102 (One block E from CC)
604 709-9202

Taco Mexico Rico is at 309 West Pender

Taco Mexico Rico is at 309 West Pender - Roland in Vancouver 2276Taco Mexico Rico Sign - Roland in Vancouver 2277

Just to clarify our previous item

Taco Mexico Rico has moved to Pender

Tacos Mexico Rico has moved to Pender - Roland in Vancouver 2271

Lan's Restarant - first visit was excellent

A few weeks ago, for an off site company gathering we tried Lan's Vietnamese restaurant (1481 West Broadway, 604) 738-2338) for a very late lunch. Wow! We were too tired to think and just ordered the dinner for four for $38 and it was fabulous.  Lots of spicy and flavourful food (lemon grass pork, spicy soup, chicken and more!). More than enough for four. Definitely will be back.

Kiwi Pie Company is closed - Robson location to be replaced with Japanese restaurant

Sad to report that indeed the Kiwi Pie Company on Robson is closed (and Kingsway location as well). The Robson location will be replaced with a Japanese restaurant.

Vancouver Hole in the Wall Favourites

At the Adaptive Path Buys You A Beer at the IA Summit event (which was not a formal part of the IA Summit) on Saturday, I met longtime blogger Peter Merholz of Peterme fame who besides being a world renowned expert on Information Architecture and an Adaptive Path-er, is also a foodie.

Pinpin - new Filipino sit down a la carte restaurant at 45th and Fraser

If anybody else has tried Pinpin (6113 Fraser, 604 322-3086), please let me know. It sounds great from the following email which I received today!



You were looking for a sit-down ala carte Pinoy restaurant in Vancouver. You should try Pinpin restaurant in Fraser and 45th Ave. 6113 Fraser Street. Ph # 604-322-3086.


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