Kwong Chow Noodle House - great deal lunch deal - $5.75

Last Saturday after the Heritage Hall market, we went to Kwong Chow for a cheap and tasty lunch. For $5.75 you get slow simmered Chinese soup, one of their lunch specials and coffee. Still highly recommended in 2006. We had 3 dishes for less than $20. Enough food for four but there were only three of us.

Here's what we had:

Congee with beef (or was it chicken :-) ! ?)

Pinpin value meals - highly recommended

Adobo Chicken with Rice value meal at Pinpin:

BBQ chicken with adobo sauce on the side - Pinpin 02/12/2006

Boneless BBQ Pork Skewer value meal at Pinpin:

Green Village has great northern style Chinese food - ignore the Courier's Cheap Eats "review"

Despite what the Courier said in a recent Green Village "review" in their Cheap Eats section, Green Village is an amazing place for cheap, flavourful northern style Chinese food, you just have to know what to order.

Pinpin and Rekados - Both highly recommended

Pinpin, 6113 Fraser Street 604-322-3086, (like Rekados) is another Filipino restaurant with waiter service. Hopefully both will find a profitable niche. We love them both. Pinpin is more informal while Rekados is more sleek and stylish. And most importantly the food at both is delicious. Check them out! Coming soon, photos and a more detailed report on both restaurants.

Rekados Filipino Cuisine - 1st Visit

Rekados Filipino Food 28Aug06 - 3
Rekados Filipino Food 28Aug06 - 2

Rena recommends Thu Hien's Vietnamese sandwiches

In response to our previous item asking where to get good Vietnamese food in Cedar Cottage and Kingsway, Rena recommends Thu Hien (located close to 23rd and Knight, will get phone number and exact address when we go visit) for their sandwiches.

Best Vietnamese on Kingsway and Cedar Cottage?

Ben Garfinkel of Industrial Brand Creative is looking for good Vietnamese  in his new neighbourhood of Cedar Cottage and Kingsway. He's found Tung Hing Bakery and Kingsway Deli but would like some more recommendations for great Vietnamese on Kingsway or Cedar Cottage.

His current favs (not in Cedar Cottage or Kingsway) as documented on his blog are:

Aurora Bistro's Summer Menu - $48 for 3 courses including Wine

The Aurora Bistro summer menu is fantastic. $48 for 3 courses and a corresponding flight of wine. Yum!  Barb and I tried this tonight and it was delicious (seared scallop with bacon and pea risotto, sour cherry roasted garlic roast chicken and we're not even going to write about the delicious artichoke and potato appy). Highly recommended.


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