Vancouver Hole in the Wall Favourites

At the Adaptive Path Buys You A Beer at the IA Summit event (which was not a formal part of the IA Summit) on Saturday, I met longtime blogger Peter Merholz of Peterme fame who besides being a world renowned expert on Information Architecture and an Adaptive Path-er, is also a foodie.

And Peter was looking for hole in the wall restaurants like the kind Chowhound (why they don't have a Vancouver specific board I'll never know) would recommend.

Here are my recommendations Peter:

We have lots of other recommendations but they are not hole in the walls in the strictest sense of the word (e.g. Phnom Penh, Green Village, Green Lettuce (Bombay Chinese food, yum!))

You can also check out:

  • egullet's thread on Hole in the Wall restaurants (which hasn't been updated recently but still has some great tips).
  • Egullet's Western Canadian Forum is a great resource and a thriving community (again why don't they have a Vancouver specific forum? setting up forums is cheap and doesn't cost you anything with modern software! I love Calgary and the rest of Western Canada but life's too short to cram all these great places into one forum :-) !)
  • Egullet's Chinese Restaurant thread (as of this writing that's the latest in the thread; there appears to be no way to have the most recent updates first or RSS feeds for thread so tracking eGullet is shall we say more difficult that it could or should be, again something that could be easily cured with more modern software) also has lots of great Chinese hole in the wall suggestions (as well as normal restaurants).