Hilarious and misleading ad for German food

German food gets a bad rap, but it ain't bad and ads like these which paint a stereotypical picture of Germany don't help. Like Filipino food, it is more down home and cozy than urbane and sophisticated. And there are tons of delicious regional dishes that never seem to make it outside of the country. Most of the German food you hear about outside of Germany is food from southern German, in particular Bavarian. But although Bavarian food is delicious, there is lots more from all the other regions of Germany.


Tony Bourdain, Celia Brooks-Brown and Martin Yan coming to BooksToCooks

Saab Ken writes (thanks!) that Tony Bourdain, Celia Brooks-Brown and Martin Yan are coming to the wonderful BooksToCooks store in Yaletown in November! Too bad I will miss all of them.  More information on their incredibly hard to follow (unless you enjoy manually surfing to their site every day to see what's changed and whether a particular class is sold out!) old skool bookstocooks.com site.


Cicchetti Bar Cafe - another cafe with free WiFi

Our of our readers emailed us (thanks!) about Cicchetti Bar Cafe at (1016 West Georgia at Burrard, 604 684-3880) which apparently has free WiFi, decent food and good coffee. Definitely going to have to check this one out!


Our haul at the UBC Apple Festival

Saturday at the UBC Apple Festival, we bought 1 bag (about 5 bucks per bag) each of:




UBC Apple Festival is this Saturday October 16th and Sunday October 17th 11a.m.-4p.m.

See you there!

From UBC Apple Festival: Day One | Urban Vancouver:


From the Apple Festival website:

A family event for all ages, the UBC Apple Festival celebrates one of British Columbia's favourite fruits. All are welcome to attend, from children learning about the diversity of apples to those who remember tasting heritage apples in their youth.


Flexistenialist's amazing HOWTO make Vietnamese iced coffee

[UPDATE: unfortunately as I write this, there are some spam comments at the end of the Flexistentialist piece which contain coarse language and other bad stuff. I believe that these comments are SPAM and will be deleted by the Flexistentialist author and I will alert him to their presence.]


NW Culinary Academy - Serious Foodies Course follow-up [SaabKen[

[ROLAND's NOTE: Thanks Ken.  Would have loved to have been there.  But you don't need me to take pictures, just use your camera and post them here with Flickr.  Flickr is free and allows you to post tons of pictures for free (disclosure: I know and like the Flickr folks but I am not an investor; just a happy paid up user with 4000 photos there). And you can post pictures from Flickr to VanEats very easily.]

The last two weeks of classes only got better and better.


Best Vancouver Downtown Cafes with Free WiFi

The best Vancouver downtown cafes with free WiFi are (in no particular order): Take 5, Trees Coffee and Cafe Artigiano.  Read my story, Best Vancouver Downtown Cafes with Free WiFi, for the full details.



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