Barb Cooks Sa-Ho Fun from Hon's

I love watching Barb cook.  Check out my Barb Cooks Sa-Ho Fun from Hon's set on flickr to see her in action, cooking fresh rice noodle sheets aka Sa-Ho Fun from Hon's with Chinese mushrooms, beef, leeks, carrots, pressed tofu and Szechuan hot bean paste.


Jim Pearce of Slow Food Vancouver

Jim Pearce - President of Slow Food Vancouver at Artigiano

I had a brief but very enjoyable chat (thanks!) with the friendly and cool Jim Pearce, head honcho of the Slow Food Vancouver convivium and learned lots of things:


Joyce Goldstein Slow Food Benefit Dinner

This sounds like a great event. The Aurora Bistro is a great restaurant and Slow Food is a worthy cause! Check it out! If you go, please let us know how it turned out!

From Joyce Goldstein Slow Food Benefit Dinner. via an email from Slow Food Vancouver:



Sate has Trung Nguyen Vietnamese Coffee!

While we were in Silicon Valley for Bloggercon, our friends Jeff and Cynthia told us about Sate ( 1520 W. 13th Ave., 604 734-7283 ), a cool Vancouver shop that sells beautiful Vietnamese art, furniture and coffee.


Another example of a restaurant blog, Horsefeathers

"It's all about the food, folks!" (amen!) is the tagline of the Horsefeathers blog in New Hampshire. According to Bill Ives, it's #5 in Google and it is one of the few restaurants that blogs! Blogging is a great opportunity for Vancouver restaurants to establish their reputation in the online space! Again, as I said before, if any restaurant wants to blog, please contact me.


Video blogs and podcasting

I am thinking of doing a semi-regular podcast (audio (mostly but sometimes video) recording that is automatically uploaded to your MP3 player or iPod overnight while you sleep) about Vancouver food and cooking. Wouldn't it be great to hear Barb talking about cooking? OK, at least I think it would be great :-) ! What do you think about that?

I am also thinking about doing some video blogging in 2005.


Vancouver chefs should blog and I will setup their blogs and train them for FREE!

How about it Vancouver chefs? Check out Chef Hans' blog. If you like it and are a Vancouver chef and want such a blog, please email roland AT bryght.com or leave a comment and I'll help you set up the exact same thing for free, all you have to do is buy a cellphone and a blog, and I will do setup and training for free! Please note that this is separate from my day job and is a labour of love that reflects my passion for food and for chefs sharing their knowledge and love of food.


Recipes at BCCA site [Saab Ken]

This is the BC Chefs Association website. Interesting tidbits of information even if you're not a chef nor work in the restaurant/hospitality industry.

There's a  recipes section.

And a food and food preparation quiz section that is educational too.

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