First Recipe: Peas and Rice

Here's the first recipe from Winnie and Tom's shower: Jamaican Peas and Rice. This is a great accompaniment to Jamaican dishes like jerk chicken.

Jamaican Peas and Rice: Jamaican Peas and Rice prepared for Winnie and Tom's shower September 2000


Eat Dangerously

Deliciously Dangerous recipes via powazek. I don't believe in fat-free or low fat recipes either but this is going over the top! Recommended only for those who crave 'real" cooking :-) !


Mighty Fine Gumbo

From blackholebrain, here is: "an authentic Creole Chicken & Sausage Gumbo recipe... straight from my mom and grandmama's kitchen."


Tree's Chocolate Mint Cookies

Our friend Teresa in Toronto is a fabulous cook. She passed on her recipe for these chewy, over-the-top chocolatey cookies. When I made them, they were a real hit with Darren and the rest of the swing gang Sunday night at the Hot Jazz Club at 6th and Main. Although I'm not a big chocolate fan, I actually really like this cookie. And besides, it uses up some of that 10 pound chocolate bar my brother Andy bought me!


Braised Lamb Shanks

This is one of my favourite fall/winter dishes. Slow braising tenderizes the lamb shanks and blends together flavours. Although the recipe seems to take a long time to make, it's not complicated and doesn't require a lot of attention. Just put it on the stove and turn it down low while you do other things around the house (laundry, surf, watch TV...!).

As winter approaches, you could try this with other root vegetables like whole shallots, rutabagas or turnips, parsnips.


Yet another green bean recipe - Roland's Gulay

Gulay is Filipino for vegetable and also the name for any dish with vegetables. Everybody has their own version of gulay. Check out mine!


Arroz Caldo

Continuing our September Rice theme, here is an Arroz Caldo recipe from Manong Ken's Carinderia.

Arrroz Caldo is a traditional Filipino dish. It is a stew of rice and chicken which is similar to Chinese congee but different because the rice is not broken. In other words the kernals of rice are intact. If you try this simple recipe, please don't substitute salt for patis (fish sauce) as suggested in the recipe.


Let's Eat Rice - Recipe Exchange

Continuing with yesterday's rice theme, here are some rice recipes from the Asia Rice Foundation.


Pasta is not Pasta

All pastas are not the same! Check out Barb's thoughts on the trenette with pesto recipe!


Trenette with Pesto


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