Al's Dan Dan Spicy Noodles

I found this Dan Dan Spicy Noodles recipe on ViewFromTheHeart. I have to try this! I love Dan Dan Mian.


West Lake Soup

Roland has a cold. What could be better for a cold than a steaming hot bowl of soup? This is my version of a classic thick Chinese soup. I asked my dad if the name of this soup is characteristic of, perhaps, an area in China. He said it was a literal translation of the name of the soup and he had no idea why it is called this!
Anyway, it's really easy and quick to make, and will chase any cold away!

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(via Prolific) has some interesting recipes from great cooks like Ken Hom and Antony Worral Thompson.


Chocolate Caramel Pecan Cake

For Lisa's birthday I asked her what type of cake she wanted. She requested a chocolate cake with a caramel pecan filling that she used to get from a cake shop called "A Piece of Cake" on West 10th (it was a great bakery!). This is my rendition of the cake:


Pull Apart Cinnamon Buns

Today we hosted a brunch for Lisa's birthday and I made these scrumptious cinnamon buns. I got the recipe from my friend Barb (one of the best hostesses I know!)...she made them for a staff meeting one day and as I polished off the last one, I left a note saying they were the best cinnamon buns I had ever eaten. She was somewhat embarrassed to share the recipe since these are so easy to make, not from scratch, yet terribly impressive.


Five: Lime Salad Dressing

Recipe number five from last Saturday's shower is: Lime Salad Dressing.


Al's Cheese Cake

Four: Fruit Punch

Recipe number four from the shower is: Fruit Punch.


Three: Coconut "Wedding" Cake

This is the "wedding" cake I made for Winn and Tom. It was all white and ethereal, coated in big coconut curls! The recipe we're posting is for a 9" two layer cake. I doubled this recipe and baked two 9" layer and two 6" layers. I sandwiched and frosted with a double recipe of Seven Minute Frosting and used about 4 cups of wide coconut flakes.


Recipe 2: Fricassee Chicken

Here's the second recipe from the shower last Saturday: Fricasee Chicken

Totally scrummy!

Fricasee Chicken: Fricasse Chicken prepared for Winnie and Tom's shower September 2000



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