Thanks to Garret and Andrea!

Many thanks to Garret and Andrea for Behind the Curtain! It was a blast! Can't wait to see the piccies!


VanEats - Behind the Curtain

  VanEats Behind the Curtain Small: VanEats - Behind the Curtain - Barb and I September 17, 2000  What's behind our Curtain won't be revealed until next Sunday September 24, 2000.


Winnie's Jamaican Bridal Shower

My friend, Winnie and her fiance, Tom, are getting married in Jamaica at the end of this month. Because most of us aren't able to go, we thought we'd bring Jamaica here for her bridal shower! We decorated using a tropical theme, wore tropical outfits and of course, served Jamaican food.

This is what we served:
Plantain chips
Jamaican patties
Peas and rice
Jerk pork
Fricasee chicken
Salad with lime dressing



My friend, Anna, a Vancouverite living in L.A., pointed to this interesting website called EatEthnic.com . The site features fascinating facts, recipes and information about food and food customs of various cultures.

Through the site you can also subscribe to an interesting newsletter called, Forks, Fingers, & Chopsticks. I find the information valuable since I work with and live in a community with a diversity of cultures.


VanEats editors on vacation

Your faithful VanEats editors are on vacation, so updates will be sporadic until Monday, July 24. We will resume daily updates then.



Canning Season Now Open

Ah summer...one of my favourite seasons for food. I love dining al fresco and having barbeques, but most of all I love all the gorgeous fruits and veggies that are in season! What a riot of colours, flavours, textures and shapes!

I find great joy in wandering through farmers' markets, farm stores and produce stores scouring for the freshest produce to stock up on for winter. "Winter?!" I enjoy preserving the flavours of summer by canning. All the fresh fruits and veggies available locally inspire me to pull out the canning pot to make goodies for later.


The Urban Peasant

The Urban Peasant is another great place for recipes and cooking tips. And even better, the man behind the site, TV show and cookbooks, James Barber, lives in Vancouver!

Please check it out and join their site so you can have access to the recipes! You won't be disappointed.


Eating Langar

What is "eating langar"? Is it:

a) the name of a foreign film

b) communal sharing of food

c) dining outdoors


Check out my story about eating langar to find out!


Paula reviews the VanEats Launch Party

Check out Paula's review of our launch party.

Thanks for the kind words, Paula!


Barb's Launch Party Thank-you

We just wanted to thank everyone who came to the VanEats  Launch Party. We hope you had as much fun as we did!



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