Sushi info from Stickyrice.com

Stickyrice.com is an interesting site about making, eating and enjoying sushi (via evhead)


Greg's Ice Cream in Toronto

While we were on vacation on Toronto, we stopped at one of our favourite ice cream places, Greg's Ice Cream.

Since the early 80s, Greg has been making his premium all natural delicious creamy ice cream. Since the mid 80s when my friend Bonnie introduced Greg's to the gang, I have enjoyed his ice cream. If you are ever in Toronto and you love rich ice cream, you must stop at Greg's!


A photo of Barb's Spicy Mango chicken

Here's a photo of Barb's Spicy Mango Chicken:

Barb's Spicy Mango Chicken: Barb's awesome spicy mango chicken made in June 2001 using her home made mango chutney!


Happy Belated Birthday Andrea and thanks for the link

Happy Belated Birthday Andrea! And thanks for the link to our first anniversary story.

Now if only she had more German recipes on your site, just kidding :-) Reading Andrea's site makes me feel homesick (heimweh) for Germany! Very strange how you can feel homesick for a country that you lived in for only 3.5 years!


Thanks for the 1st Anniversary Link, Al!

A belated thanks to Al for linking to us on his site. As Dave stated in an email to me, it's great to be appreciated!

I've personally got alot of insight into nursing and medicine courtesy of Al's site, which I highly recommend. And I also like the look of his recipes. Unfortunately, however, I haven't had a chance to try any of them yet! Someday.


Big Don's Pickles

UPDATE July 10, 2001: Don's current schedule can be found here.

Big Don's Pickle's rock! He sells them at the East Van Farmers' Market every Saturday in the summer.

Big Don's Pickles are home made in his kitchen in Delta. Because they are home made, the actually taste like pickles. The beet pickles, for example, actually taste like beets. And if you don't believe me, they are certified authentic 100% delicious pickles by my Ukrainian friends, Lisa and Rebecca.


Islanders BC and Stephen Wong's Asian Street Food circa 1997

Yet another look at our referers' log led me to another cool food related web site. In this case a link to VanEats (thanks!) from Islanders BC , yet another BC Filipino website, led me to a local Filipino's website which copied the 1997 articles from a Time magazine feature: Vancouver Asia's New Capital which together form a very interesting snapshot of Vancouver in 1997.


Balsamic Wars

From Epicurious (via View From The Heart), Balsamic Wars explains how to tell traditionally made balsamic vinegar from factory made balsamic vinegar.


Roland's Retrospective on our first year

Wow! It's been a year!

Looking back on it all, the best part of it has been sharing my life with Barb! I am so lucky to be sharing it with her and I look forward to our marriage in September!

Next to Barb, everything else pales in comparison but aside from that the best moments for me were donating food to the food bank that we collected at our Winter Warmup and Launch party and Barb's delicious Chocolate Caramel Pecan Cake.


Happy Birthday VanEats!!

Today is VanEats' first birthday! One year ago today we launched this site and it's been a great year full of wonderful food, cooking and eating right here in Vancouver! What we envisioned as our personal food journal has grown to be just that and much more.



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